Can I lose Weight With Laxatives? Will They Help?

lose weight with laxatives

by The Fitness Enthusiast on May 5, 2012

Will Laxatives help me lose weight? Can I lose Weight with laxatives?

When I noticed the popularity of this particular question: will laxatives help me lose weight?

I thought what the heck?

I mean, what person in their RIGHT mind would risk their credibility, as well as everything they have worked for telling you that you can lose weight with laxatives?

A thief. A advertisement. A lie.

So, will taking laxatives help you lose weight? NO, taking laxatives will not help you lose weight.

losing weight with laxatives

Losing Weight With Laxatives? Bad Idea

but? NO, you can’t lose weight with laxatives.


5 Reasons You can’t lose weight with laxatives

~By the time you get Diarrhea all those calories you ingested will have already been absorbed. Laxatives attack the large intestine and colon, hastening the remains of undigested food (as the large intestine and colon don’t digest food). All the large intestine and colon do is hold the undigested remains, absorb water and defecate.

~What you are losing is water weight, thereby increasing the chance that will you become dehydrated. We are talking electrolyte imbalance, and muscle cramps. We are talking a reduction in performance. We are talking diarrhea, problems with water retention, even blood development in your stool. We are talking possible organ damage or death if you abuse laxatives.

~Taking laxatives can change the way the bodies digestive system works, and you may become dependent on laxatives if taken for long periods of time because the body becomes used to them, as in your colon won’t produce bowel movements without the laxative.

~What is exiting the body when you take laxatives? Necessary minerals, water. Did you know that taking laxatives can actually increase constipation? How about nausea?

~You may become psychological dependent, thereby needing a doctor AND a therapist. Laxatives do not get rid of food until it has already gone through the digestive tract, thereby being digested, so what you are losing is water weight, now how this psychologically effects you I don’t know but seeing constantly different weights on the scale can set you back mentally.

So, can you lose weight with laxatives? No, unless you are losing water weight, which will cause you to lose minerals in the process, as well as increase your risk of dehydration. Will laxatives help you lose weight? No, they can’t possibly help you lose weight. Its fake. Its imaginary. That weight loss is water, it’s hurting you.

So if you think a laxative can help you lose weight, or if you are one of those drug pushing trainers who get your clients doped up on the latest supplement then you are dead wrong.

There is no trick. There is no pill. There is no secret to losing weight. You must be in a calorie deficit. Laxatives will trick you. they will hurt you, and only thieves and magicians can make you believe they work.

How many of you cover all your bases before asking: can I lose weight with laxatives? How many of you know how to lose weight properly without the aid of a chewing gum laxative?

losing weight with laxatives

losing weight with laxatives

6 Alternatives to taking laxatives to lose weight:


~Cutting carbohydrates: Most people lose like 5-10 lbs their first week of cutting out carbohydrates because carbs hold water, and reducing carb intake will cause you to drop a bit of water weight in a short time period, but don’t get me wrong, I only do this when I am cutting and I never cut out carbs completely, but if you reduce your carb intake you will lose a decent amount of water weight in a short amount of time. It’s just fact.

~High Fiber: How many of you know how much fiber you are eating, or should be getting? 20-30 grams a day for women, and 30-40 grams a day for men. Fiber is ESSENTIAL for a healthy diet, and will help keep you regular

~Eat all natural. Simply lowering your sodium intake, and cutting out preservatives will help you lose weight.


~Drink more water: Part of the reason your body is holding onto water is because you aren’t drinking enough. Get at least a 1/2 ounce of water per pound you weigh. This will help you in so many ways. The process of burning calories requires a good amount of water in order to function efficiently and obviously being dehydrated is never good for you and will never help you.

Of course these 6 alternatives are far too difficult, right? Wrong. I mean, after all, would you rather lose fake weight by taking laxatives that could potentially hurt you and cause your body to become dependent on them or take the very rewarding route of a good diet, and proper exercise program that causes you to lose weight that stays off longer than a few days? Of course the rewarding route of a good diet and proper exercise program is a much better option, and it should be the only option.

Never thought I would spend that long writing about poop.

I just had to.

Key points about laxatives and losing weight:

~Your just losing water weight

~You can potentially cause harm to your body

~Far better alternatives for losing weight then taking laxatives

~You lose minerals

~You body may become dependent on laxatives to produce bowel movements, and you may become psychologically dependent on them before this occurs.

~Don’t take laxatives to lose weight

PS. I saw this picture and just had to post it with this article. I thought it was pretty funny:

Can I lose weight with laxatives

Can I lose weight with laxatives? Will They help?

 Don’t take laxatives to lose weight!

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