Stressed Out For An Interview? 5+ Tips to Kick Butt!

stressed out for an interview

by The Fitness Enthusiast on February 23, 2013

Better income, a job that you like, or a job that is more appropriate for your career development typically leads to reduced stress. I want to help reduce your stress and take the pressure off of you during that next interview.

Why?¬†We all know stress and healthy fat loss don’t go well together and given that most of us put in 40+ hours a week of work and how prevalent work is in our lives, it is extremely important that you nail the job that can help provide a healthy work/life balance and a more enjoyable day. This will lead to reduced stress which will give you a healthier lifestyle.

If your stressed out for an interview, here are 5+ tips to Kick Butt!

Stressed out for an interview? 5+ Interview Tips to Kick Butt!

  1. Create a way to visualize what you do. For example, put together a portfolio of your work which allows you to provide a visual to your talking points.
  2. Know the one thing about you that separates you from everyone else. We all have at least one thing that makes us completely unique and capable in an area no one else can match.

    stress interview

    They might look intimidating but don’t stress! No pressure. Think positive.

  3. Think in 3s. What are 3 things that qualifies you for this position? What are the 3 things that make you a team player?
  4. Serious commitments give you an air of maturity and responsibility. In most cases, mention them. A good example would be if you participate in a charity. It also implies that you are excellent at multitasking which is a key element to success.
  5. Like minds – find a common element between you and the interviewer. Even if your completely different people, you may bond over something mentioned, pick up on these things.
  6. Wear a suit. Clip your nails. Cut your hair. Shave or at least trim a little bit. You are a professional. Depending on the job the least you can get away with is a blazer, a dress shirt and jeans.
  7. Be patient. Wait until the interview process is over to send thank you notes. Also, in these thank you notes try to follow up with something unique about whoever you interviewed with. Don’t just say thanks bro, make sure to mention something your passionate about that is professional that relates to the conversation that you had with the interviewer.
  8. Mention your a Team player + provide your best example. This is both personal and an excellent way to connect with your audience.

I pray you get that job and it leads to less stress! God bless.


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