Strive For Something More Each Day

by The Fitness Enthusiast on October 16, 2012

A Readers Personal Testimony:

I am going to change the world by being thoughtful and aware of everything I can control: from how I act and what I do, to what I eat and what and who I surround myself with.

My passion is health and fitness.  I love to work out and eat things that make my body happy and healthy. The human body can be thought of as an analogy to life in this world, and how I am changing it. What you put in is what you get out. How hard you work and your attitude while doing it, can have a huge impact (positively or negatively) on everything and everyone around you, as well as what you are doing to begin with.  Your success and future successes are dependent on the thought and effort you put in this very moment.

By exercising regularly, whether it be a long walk or a quick body weight circuit, treating my body with respect while also pushing it to improve, inspires me to be better in other areas of my life, my marriage, my job, etc. By doing it NOW, not tomorrow, or next Thursday, but TODAY, I am setting myself up for the life I want and the success I hope for.

Another analogy is to think of what we eat and drink and expose our bodies to. If we eat processed, packaged, frozen, unnatural products or put artificial chemicals in and around our bodies and homes, what do we expect to receive other than sub-par, artificial and temporary nourishment or short term satisfaction.  In the same way, if I am hopeless, stagnant, and don’t dream and strive for something more each day, how do I ever expect to get a different (better) result than I experienced today? Basically, what I’m saying is, I improve my tomorrow by what I do now, today!

Now I’m not saying I have never eaten a Reese’s peanut butter cup or spayed some Lysol, or let out an F-bomb here or there, but what I am saying is that moving forward in my own life, each day I am more aware of what I do, how I take care of myself, and the effort I put in to any and every activity, and this self awareness is the beginning of my change.

This thoughtful self-awareness and eternal drive is MY change in the NOW. It is what I control and I can change what I can control. You may not see results for a week or a year, but I’m doing everything I can in my reality NOW to make it the reality I want.

Now, after living this way for going on 3+ years, I have noticed that people around me (family, friends, coworkers, etc) who once were oblivious to these details are starting to notice my positive attitude, extreme work ethic, personal passion for life, high protein/low fat lunches, hard core work outs, everything that makes me who I am and allows me to reach my goals and dreams.

This is how I am going to change the world: by changing my world. By continuing to tweek and improve and improvise and evolve and strive to be better each day than the last.  My goal is not to tell you a list of diet foods and work outs and products to avoid and things to say to your boss to get a raise, that’s another site. I’m just saying that you have way more power to change what is in your immediate daily life, which is a lot, than hypothetical scenarios you can only talk about. Don’t underestimate the power you have to change the world, your world, TODAY.

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