B&R Bar Review – Burgener & Rippetoe Powerlifting & Olympic Weightlifting Bar

by The Fitness Enthusiast on April 3, 2014

BR Bar Review Burgener Rippetoe Bar Review
B&R Bar Review - Burgener & Rippetoe Powerlifting and Weightlifting Bar Review

B&R Bar Review – Burgener & Rippetoe Powerlifting and Weightlifting Bar Review

We’re warriors when we train in the gym, so I review equipment to aid warriors in the gym. It’s hard to write a review for bar, how technical does one need to be? For a good part of my life I trained on different bars and stepped up and under each one ready to rock whatever challenge was locked onto each side.

But though I get stronger, bars don’t, so I started to notice that certain bars would bend and then I noticed some bars had this shiny material that would leave my hands feeling like I was grinding them against a cheese grater.

With that said, I found my bar for life and that’s the Bare steel B&R Bar or Burgener & Rippetoe Powerlifting and Olympic Weightlifting Bar.

B&R Bar Review – Burgener & Rippetoe Powerlifting & Olympic Weightlifting Bar Quick Review:

The B&R bar is stable (doesn’t bend), it’s bare steel (better grip) and the perfect diameter (for me), and while the B&R bar requires maintenance (what good in things in life don’t?), it looks the part (bare steel) and is perfect for the big 3 (bench, squat and deadlift) which is what I focus on. Perhaps the only downside is the B&R bar is expensive ($300), but all bars of this quality and performance are in this range and as high as 2x as much. I use the B&R bar primarily for powerlifting but its also got reliable spin. I want to make clear this B&R bar review is mainly based off my experience using it for the squat, bench, deadlift, row, etc…..

B&R Bar Review- Burgener & Rippetoe Bar

…awesome stability

Doesn’t bend. 29 mm shaft, 200,000 lb yield strength.

Cool, but what do all these measures mean? Let me explain how the B&R bar feels…

The B&R bar is designed for commercial gym use, so it may be overkill having one of these in your home gym, the trade off though is the B&R bar is the last bar you’ll have to buy. No chrome or plating material which compromises feel/grip/performance and when you put this bar on your back you feel more stable.

The B&R bar feels like heaven compared to a chrome bar which is what you typically have in commercial gyms to prevent discoloration or rust. When I place a chrome bar on my back with 400+ lbs my wife always comments on how it bends or flexes and to me it feels a bit unstable. Also, it makes me feel like the weights are going to fall off on each side as I break the 500+ squat barrier for reps and this lack of stability I fully believe contributes to less overall total in terms of weight lifted.

The first time I actually squatted with the B&R bar my squat and bench felt significantly more stable but which contributed to more confidence and I fully believe the B&R bar led to a more fluid and powerful motion. It’s as simple as that. The B&R bar doesn’t move and if you’ve seen my Legend Fitness Half Rack and Bench review you understand how IMPORTANT a stable well made piece of equipment is.

B&R Bar Review Burgener Rippetoe Bar Review

B&R Bar Review Burgener Rippetoe Bar Review

When I was late teens I used to squat in a cold garage with a $30 chrome plated bar in 20 degrees in the middle of winter on a $200 rack I got off craigslist and I can’t believe that thing didn’t fall apart. Now that I make a little money my bar costs $300 but my work ethic hasn’t changed, if I had to I would be in that garage again. There is no such thing as surrendering when it comes to training.

B&R Bar Review- Bare Steel = Better grip, but a little maintenance

20 kg, 29 mm shaft, bare steel love with a light weightlifting knurl and a center knurl for squats.

I hate the grip of some bars, its like your holding a weak hollow piece of metal. The B&R bar removes that generic feeling and delivers a high end feel that gives you enhanced confidence and a better overall grip due to the strength of the bar combined with its diameter. I just love the combination of being able to wrap my hand securely around the bar – the B&R bar has got the perfect diameter and combine that with bare steel and it just feels so amazing in my hand.

Also, my wife (who squats 205 x 3 and benches 145) loves this bar. In fact, she won’t even touch our old chrome plated bar. When it comes to strength training for women, safety is important. This is echoed in her comments this morning on the B&R bar:

Luxury high end confidence assurance for a wife who has to watch her husband squat 500+ lbs and not have to worry about bending, or a lack of stability or injury as a result of a crap bar. The comfort of knowing that your safe working out and that is good for us and we aren’t going to get injured…and that we are getting the most from each and every single workout. 

Those were her thoughts word for word. I think that sums up the B&R bar. I can be as technical as you want but really its all about how the bar feels and the B&R bar feels great.

Burgener Rippetoe Bar Review B&R Bar Review

Burgener Rippetoe Bar Review B&R Bar Review

The bare steel B&R bar makes you feel like a tough guy, but in truth it really shows your level of experience and commitment to the game. Yes, I brush this thing down once a month minimum with some 3 in 1 oil and a steel bristle brush, but I love it. Add on top of this that the B&R bar has an extra half inch of bare steel to protect your shins when deadlifting, etc. and the B&R bar gives you that feel of dominance as you push through the bench press and you’ll thank me for recommending this bar.

B&R Bar Review – Awesome for the Squat, bench and deadlift

Because the B&R bar doesn’t bend and has that nice center knurl for squats and a extra half inch for deadlifts, as well as that bare steel grip it really kicks all sorts of awesome for the squat bench and deadlift.

There are other bars out there that are great…I know that, but I just love the B&R bar. I am not a fan boy and I really don’t care what bar you buy, but the best bar I have ever used is the B&R bar and trust me..for $300 I would’ve returned it if I thought otherwise. I trained in a D-1 collegiate gym used by all the athletes of all sorts, both NFL draft picks and guys like me who simply walked on. I can honestly say that the choices I made post college exceed that of most professional gyms and there is only a select amount of equipment that truly delivers and therefore deserves consideration in your search for the best and one of those items is the B&R bar. I couldn’t recommend it more highly.

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