Legend Fitness Half Rack Review – Is This Half Cage Legendary?

by The Fitness Enthusiast on January 28, 2013

I don’t really see a lot of legitimate reviews on half cages or any type of squat rack in general so I decided I would write one considering I looked for a half rack for about a year for the best option before making an investment on a legend fitness half cage. I found Legend Fitness full squat racks and half cages after searching for a new half rack for almost a year. One thing that I remember from that whole process was being dissapointed that the only Half racks I ever saw were your generic looking full racks and half racks with little to no personal customization options. This is one thing Legend Fitness has going for it is you can basically create your own half rack or full rack. I wanted something that could function in a small space but add a lot of value outside of getting one of those home gyms with all those cables that take up a lot of space. With that said, I would call myself somewhat of a casual hardcore lifter. I really try to get the most bang for my buck during every workout so I just wanted some traditional things.

Legend Fitness Half Cage Review

Legend Fitness Half Cage Review

With the Legend Fitness half cage I purchased, I also purchased a step-up, dip attachment, swivel grip pull-ups, a bench, olympic storage, and some band pegs. The legend fitness half cage came with weight storage as well which is super helpful. I know that people are probably wondering what are band pegs or why would I purchase band pegs if I am not some hardcore lifter but there are a lot of cool workouts with bands and your body weight that you can do off those pegs. That is for another article. This article is dedicated to legend fitness and offering some pictures/opinion of its half cage.

Legend Fitness Half Cage Band Pegs

Legend Fitness Half Rack Band Pegs

Great things about the legend fitness half cage and supporting items:

1) The Legend Fitness half cage does not move. Even at my body weight and with my strength, when I attach some bands to the bottom of the rack via the band pegs and do some body weight squats for example, this rack does not move. I could use the bands on my bench press OR my squat and it still won’t move.

Legend Fitness Half Rack Weight Storage

Legend Fitness Half Rack Weight Storage

2) The legend fitness half cage comes in scratch resistant silver, and plenty of color options so you can tailor it to whatever your heart desires.

3) The legend fitness bench does NOT move. I purchased the bench and was assured that it would not move at all and it honestly doesn’t from my experience thus far.

4) The set-up only takes 8 bolts for the half rack, so it didn’t take that long to setup the half rack

Legend Fitness Half Cage Step Up Attachment

Legend Fitness Half Cage Step Up Attachment

5) All of the legend fitness squat racks attachments are SUPER sturdy. Cheaper equipment usually comes with like some weak attachments that eventually break but these things are monsters.

Legend Fitness Half Rack Dip Attachment

Legend Fitness Half Rack Dip Attachment

6) The squat rack is affordable and a better value than anything else I found out there plus legend fitness told me they make these racks in the USA which is pretty cool. They allowed me to pay half up-front and half right before shipping. The entire process took about 2 months.

7) Customization, customization, customization…the Legend Fitness rack was cut it down to 7 feet for me so I would never have a problem with ceiling height and this big sturdy half rack could always make the trip with me in case I had to move.

8 ) Safety – this legend fitness half rack feels like a tank and as a result when I squat or bench or do any movement utilizing the squat rack it just feels so safe and unlike anything I have worked out on even compared to some commercial gyms. I can say that I have worked out in or been at gyms that have equipment as good as this legend fitness rack but you don’t need much else and this thing really feels sturdy.

Legend Fitness Half Rack Wrap-up:

The hardest thing about this whole process was getting the legend fitness half rack into my place. It took awhile to say the least.

Another thing I should mention is the customer service is great and everyone was very responsive at Legend Fitness. They really helped nail down what would work in the limited space I had to fit a half cage.

Legend Fitness Half Rack Swivel Grips

Legend Fitness Half Rack Swivel Grips

I am sure there is more but I just wanted to cover some of the main points, if you have any questions about the above reasons why I think Legend Fitness makes killer squat racks and fitness equipment then just leave a comment!

Disclaimer: I was not told to, affiliated with or given any incentive to write a post for legend fitness. I paid full price and thought it be nice to share my experience buying a half rack as I had gotten sick of commercial gyms all the time.

- The Fitness Enthusiast


2013 Legend Fitness Half Rack Update: 

 The Legend Fitness HALF rack has been great, better than great, better than or as good as any commercial equipment I have used and I used to train on the hammer strength equipment in college. Get the Legend Fitness Half Rack with the pro style cross member. I got all the attachments except the monster hooks which aren’t needed. Also, I got the scratch resistant silver and it still looks brand new (for the most part haha). I also got them to cut it down to 7 ft for me to accomodate my ceilings and the olympic bar & plate storage consolidates space – big, big space saver. Even with them cutting the half rack down from 8 ft it still didn’t move when I am doing jump squats with bands attached to the bottom or band hamstring curls or whatever. It really just doesn’t move, its heavy!
Regardless, the thing is a monster and I routinely rep between 400-625 on my squat, 300-415 on my bench and weigh over 220. Its a big space saver too, you see those pictures in that room? That was a small, small, small room. The Legend Fitness half cage with the pro style cross member is the last half rack I’ll buy.
Also, if your looking for a good bar to pair with this, check out the B&R (burgener-rippetoe) bar.  ….I’ll write a review on this soon.
If you need help finding any equipment let me know and I’ll point you in the best direction. It may take awhile for me to respond! Just hit me up on my contact form!


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Mark Plonski February 25, 2012 at 6:57 pm

Thanks for the honest review. I’m actually considering buying a half rack for my garage at home as well to use with myself and with clients as well. Unfortunately I’m limited by space as well, and was just wondering what height your ceiling is and if you have any issues with height for pullups. I’m looking at a 7 foot rack also and have always liked legend fitness products. And also if you don’t mind me asking what was the price on this rack? I’m definitely opting for the bench and band pegs as well. Thanks!


The Fitness Enthusiast February 25, 2012 at 8:13 pm

Hi Mark,

My ceilings are just over 8 ft – and I mean JUST! (maybe 1 or 2 inches over). With that said, I have not had any problems whatsoever regarding ceiling height but I am just under 6 ft tall. I paid right under $900 for the half rack itself, but opted for many attachments which quickly brought the price up. Also, for the bench I believe I paid right under $500 but that thing does not move on some solid rubber mats that I placed in that room. Its a great bench. Also you pay half now and half at shipping so there is a big 2 month gap between payments. The Band pegs were like 45-50 bucks so not a deal breaker there, but they are crazy useful! All in all your looking at about $1500-1750 (including shipping) for both a legend fitness half rack, a bench and band pegs but there are some other pretty cool attachments that are very sturdy and were worth it to me!

Also, just took a look at my invoice and it says prices are subject to change so I purchased this in September 2011 and I don’t know the exact costs of these items at the present time. All I know is what I paid.

Let me know if this helps you Mark. It is a big decision!

Thanks for the comment Mark,



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